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Made with love

Solutions developed with the highest level of detail. From its interior to the user interfaces, using industry best practices and technologies.

User experience

We think and design the software interfaces to achieve the best user experience, making intuitive and useful views for customers.

Projects on time

We plan and divide your project into stages to always arrive on time with the dates. The success of a project starts from its planning.


Privacy and confidentiality first. All your projects and ideas are safe with us. We safeguard all the documentation of your project with the best standards.

Fastest hosting

We support your projects from development to production, offering a hosting service efficient and fast, with high availability.

Support and warranty

We develop robust solutions and provide our customers with extensive support on all the products we develop.

Our Services

Services that will grow your business!

We focus on creating exceptional digital products and experiences, guaranteeing reliable systems, with intuitive interfaces and adaptable to the needs of your business. We want to give you a short distance between your ideas and the launch of your product, because we are committed to the design of the platform that you entrust us and we accompany you so that you are the main actor. Boosting your business through digital platforms, enhances it to levels that are proven in the results of your organization.

Web Design
Show everyone your business or services by creating or renovating your website with a new modern and fully responsive design that adapts to all devices. We develop dynamic websites to shine from a smartphone to a big screen.
Mobile Applications
Bring the services of your business into the hands of all your clients, developing applications for smartphones and taking advantage of their full potential. We develop mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Web Applications
Build the foundations of your business on the web and offer all your services and products from any browser. We design web applications that adapt to all screens so that your clients can interact with you.
Create your own e-commerce portal and start selling without ads. Avoid expensive commissions that take part of your earnings. We develop intuitive portals adapted to your business, so that your brand shines and your products reach all your customers.
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About Plex

A tech company that reinvents the way of doing things

We are a technology company created with the purpose of promoting industries through innovative solutions. We have a strong commitment to the quality of our products, always oriented to satisfy the requirements of our clients. We are motivated to be part of ventures that aim to start companies over and over again. We always maintain a constant commitment and focus towards our clients to help them grow their business. We strongly believe that the best result comes from being united in our work and above all doing what we love.

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